Have you heard of Yoga Therapy?


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the use of yoga techniques to meet a client’s physical, mental and emotional health needs. Yoga therapy integrates the ancient practice of Yoga and Ayurveda with an understanding of modern medicine and psychology. Yoga therapists often work
hand-in-hand with doctors and physical therapists to alleviate and manage pain, rehabilitate after injury and emotionally deal with mild to severe illness. Yoga therapy may also be effective to enjoyably improve general health.

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Yoga Therapy sessions would be normally one-one focused on the client specific needs, but sessions can be made in small groups where all participants experience the same condition, encouraging interaction between participants where experiences can be shared.

Conditions where yoga therapy treatment may help are back pain, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, cancer, addiction, high blood pressure, depression and PTSD. In helping a client, the yoga therapist may use asanas (poses) for stretching and alignment, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), mantras, visualization and many more available techniques. 

Yoga therapists undertake additional training and have more than just a knowledge of yoga philosophy, asanas and pranayamas, they have knowledge of anatomy, physiology, disease, medical care, ayurveda and other healing modalities to be able to offer the best care to a client.

First sessions

In the first session, the yoga therapist will listen to the client’s needs and make a physical assessment with appropriate testing.  The client and therapist will discuss goals, and with the client’s commitment and consent, formulate a plan and framework to with clear times and progress assessments to obtain the maximum benefit from Yoga Therapy.