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About Yoga & Pilates at Breathe Holistic Health

Breathe Holistic Health is a boutique integrative health clinic, and our vision is to deeply improve people’s quality of life by working as a team to deliver excellent health care.

We believe that by practicing yoga and pilates through our integrative health care team, we can deliver the best possible experience, and inspire you to take action that will change your life for the better.

We offer both private and small group yoga & pilates classes to suit people from all walks of life. Yoga & Pilates poses can be adapted to suit any level of flexibility, age or physical condition. If you have a specific health condition, we recommend an initial assessment with our registered health practitioners. This enables an appropriate program of care to be established for you, and so that you can practice yoga or pilates in a way that will enhance your health and well-being.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a discipline that is widely practiced for health and relaxation, and incorporates various aspects such as breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. The word yoga comes from the word ‘Yuj’ meaning to yoke, bind or unite. In essence, yoga is the practice of unification of the body, mind and spirit in which the ultimate goal of any yoga practice is to attain moksha, meaning liberation or freedom. Yoga and meditation offers us the opportunity to help disentangle from whatever blocks or stops us from being free or congruent in our lives by cultivating a sense of openness and awareness, and also educating us on the remarkable connection between mind, body and health.

“Yoga, as a way of life and a philosophy, can be practiced by anyone with inclination to undertake it, for yoga belongs to humanity as a whole. It is not the property of any one group or any one individual, but can be followed by any and all, in any corner of the globe, regardless of class, creed or religion."

~ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois ~

What yoga & pilates classes do we offer?

Small Group Yoga & Pilates Classes

Our small group yoga & pilates classes are ideal for beginners through to more advanced. With no more than 6 people per class you will experience a personalised and highly supportive approach to help you practice in a way that is fun, safe and sustainable. You don’t have to be a ‘bendy pretzel’ to enjoy a positive and uplifting yoga or pilates experience!

Our team of dedicated teachers, offer a range of classes of various styles, and we cater for a range of needs, including pregnancy. See below for an outline of each class style. When you find the style that suits you, you can book online or call us to secure your spot.

All yoga & pilates classes are booked and paid for in advance to ensure you do not miss out.

BOOK ONLINE or CALL (07) 5679 5593 to secure your spot!

Roll & Release Yoga with Arissa

Our Roll & Release Yoga classes combine self-massage techniques, use of massage balls as well as longer held yoga postures designed to release muscles and fascia through the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. Ideal for targeting specific aches and pains.

Suitable for all levels. 60 min – $22

Prenatal Yoga with Arissa

Prenatal Yoga is a class catered specifically to Pregnancy, giving Women an opportunity to stay strong, mobile and balanced. We use specific breathing techniques to help teach women to achieve a deep sense of relaxation which can be used through birthing and Mothering. This class will help to prepare the body and mind for a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth.

Suitable for all levels. 60 min – $22

Gentle Flow Yoga with Arissa

Ideal for beginners, this class involves learning a flowing sequence of postures (also known as Vinyasa) designed to help you gradually build strength, alignment and balance in your body, mind and soul. Arissa will guide you through mindful meditations, breath work and a gentle flowing sequence of postures that will leave you feeling more open and relaxed. Suitable for all levels. 60 min – $22

Aromatherapy Yoga with Marcus

Invigorate your senses with this special class that incorporates restorative / meditation yoga with nature’s most powerful elements – Therapeutic-grade doTERRA essential oils. These beautiful aromas will bring an added element to your yoga practice, including soothing tense or aching muscles, experiencing a detoxifying or cleansing sensation, or releasing old or negative emotions.

Suitable for all levels. 60 min – $22

Yoga with Marcus

This class offers a more challenging and dynamic sequence designed to strengthen and support your whole body and improve the focus of the mind. Marcus will help you gradually build strength, flexibility and fitness so you can progress to more advanced movement patterns that will help you feel more centred and strong.

60 min – $22

Mobility Yoga with Marcus

Mobility Yoga is a modern approach to yoga designed to help you increase flexibility and movement through your joints, and targeting connective tissue in the hips, pelvis and spine. Marcus will guide you through specific movements and postures ideal for targeting stiffness in the joints and spine and improving your range of motion. 

Suitable for all levels. 60 min – $22

Gentle Yoga with Marcus

Ideal for the mature and motivated, the focus of this class is rehabilitation.  You can expect this class to be slow paced and gentle on the joints.  We incorporate the use of props such as Thera-band exercise resistance and seated postures in a chair for support, with the aim of helping you restore your health, build confidence and strength in your yoga practice.  You will also be introduced to breathing exercises, simple meditations and yoga postures that will leave you feeling more relaxed and balanced in your body and mind. Ideal for mature & motivated. 60 min – $22

Beginners Pilates with Amy

Beginners Pilates is the perfect introductory class for first time clients, regardless of fitness level and age. You will learn the fundamentals of Pilates, including the Pilates breath, which you can take with you as you progress through to the more advanced classes. Suitable for all levels. 60 min – $22

Power Pilates with Amy

Building upon the fundamentals you learned in your beginners Pilates classes, our power Pilates offers more dynamic and faster pace sequences with the focus on building strength and endurance. 60 min – $22

Intro to Essential Oils with Keely

This is a great way to understand in more depth how our Doterra therapeutic-grade essential oils (used in our Aromatherapy Yoga classes and during Remedial Massages) work at their best.  Keely will guide you through how to use natures most powerful elements in a number ways such as for cleansing / detoxing, balancing and harmonising your body and mind.  For a limited time we are offering these introductory classes for FREE!

MindFlo Program with Arissa

MindFlo is a 12-week program especially designed by BHH’s co-founder, Arissa Brunelli (psychologist & yoga instructor) for stress-reduction and managing your health and well-being more effectively. In particular, it is designed to help you overcome anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and/or poor health, and general every-day stress that we’re faced with in our lives. Before commencing, we offer an initial screening and assessment to determine whether this program is right for you. Claimable via HiCaps and/or Private Health, or Medicare (approx. 50% rebate).
Name: Yoga
Description: At Breathe Holistic Health, we offer yoga instruction & meditation for adults in both Individual & Group formats. Call 07 5679 5593 to book Private Consult.

Private Yoga Bookings for Healing & Connection

Private One-on-One Yoga One-on-One Yoga is ideal for beginners as an introduction to yoga, or if you are looking to develop and deepen your yoga practice further. Our one-on-one yoga sessions offer a great opportunity to tailor a yoga practice specifically to your individual needs or health goals. Our skillful and friendly yoga teachers take the time to address your needs and give you the you the attention needed to help you develop your yoga practice further in a safe and sustainable manner.

Suitable for all levels. 60 min – $85

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Private Group Yoga This is ideal for a group of friends or work team looking to share an enjoyable experience together, and stay fit. Great as a team building exercise, or simply to enjoy some time with your buddies in a fun and relaxed environment. You’ll enjoy feeling refreshed and more focused, so you can rock on with your day!

Max 5 ppl. Suitable for all levels. 60 min - $120

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Couples Yoga  Yoga is all about building and maintaining connection. In this class couples will move through partner yoga poses, as well as techniques to reconnect and develop intimacy. This class will leave you feeling like you have had moved your body, calmed your mind and spent quality time with your loved one.

Suitable for all levels. 60 min - $95

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Family Yoga Our Family Yoga classes are a wonderful way for you and your loved ones to enjoy an activity together, providing the opportunity to connect to each other while moving and mobilizing the body. These classes are delivered in a fun and comfortable environment suited to all levels.

Max 4 ppl, Min age 14 yrs. Suitable for all levels. 60 min – $95

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