Pregnancy is an incredibly sacred time in a woman’s life which, when supported to be healthy and well throughout, can be a very positive experience. For many women, pregnancy can also be quite daunting, and the thought of having to birth a baby can bring up strong emotions. By having holistic practices available to pregnant women, we are able to assist them in having the best possible outcome through birthing and into motherhood. Prenatal Yoga is one practice which can help prepare the mother-to-be both physically and emotionally. Through Pregnancy Yoga specific breathing techniques are applied to help gain access to the central nervous system. Pregnancy Yoga encourages relaxation, relief from muscle tension, improved circulation, strength, and flexibility. This is achieved through specific movement patterns, postures, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and meditation. Helping bring a sense of balance to the expecting mother can make her journey much more enjoyable and rewarding. In particular, Prenatal Yoga helps to build stability through the pelvis, which can often become unstable as the body releases the hormone relaxing to begin the process of softening and opening the pelvic passage to a birth baby. These changes can result in pain and discomfort through the hips and lower back, as well as lead to long-term sacroiliac joint instability and sciatic pain. Through Prenatal Yoga, the expecting mother is encouraged to move through postures, like specific standing poses with the hips carefully aligned, to gradually strengthen as well as help teach her how to activate the pelvic floor muscles. Specific balancing poses can also help further engage the deep stabilizing muscles of the ‘core’, hips and back. This practice can also continue the following pregnancy, to help release the build-up of stress, strain, and tension that can occur through the neck, shoulders and upper back when feeding and carrying baby. Prenatal Yoga classes also create a social support network or community for women to be part of as they move through a new phase of life. Opportunities to connect with other women in a similar situation can reduce the likelihood of feeling isolated and more able to enjoy this special time and their new role, one which is so very important in this world. These support networks can move beyond pregnancy and birth, with that companionship continuing through the numerous stages of motherhood. At Breathe Holistic Health, we lead our mums-to-be through methods which, when practiced regularly in the lead up to birthing help promote greater psychological and physiological well-being and resilience. Through a well-rounded Prenatal Yoga class, women will have the opportunity to calm and center their body-mind. Gentle stretches through the hips and groin can assist the body in the opening in a way that is slow, deliberate and conscious, improving upon the preparation for the birthing baby and creating resilience for post birth recovery. Our Prenatal yoga classes complement a unique Pregnancy Massage experience. Our specially trained remedial massage therapist offers a massage program tailored specifically to the needs of the expectant mother. Book online or Call (07) 5679 5593 to inquire about Pregnancy Massage and our Pregnancy Packages.