Motion nourishes your body

“Put your body in motion and your psyche will heal itself” Gabrielle Roth

It is a well-known fact that movement is a necessary part of life. If you don’t move you will begin to deteriorate and dis-ease will find its way to the body and mind. It is through movement that we can begin to heal the body, mind and spirit, however, to do this the form of movement must be one which is safe, functional and right for our body. This is Yoga. When done in a supportive environment Yoga should be catered for the individual body and will become a source of restoration, even when you are strengthening and sweating.

The aim of Yoga is to increase the mobility of the body which will bring about a better range of motion for all joints, including the spine, and therefore greater health and wellbeing to the whole body. When the body is able to move freely, blood will flow to all areas and bring with it oxygen, nutrients and lymphatic fluid. This heals and restores the body back to a balanced state, one which the body is constantly striving to achieve. Once we attain this balance within the physical body, the mind, and spirit, will begin to follow as they are intrinsically linked, when one aspect of the self is out of balance the whole self will suffer. Our brain and spinal cord are referred to as the Central Nervous System (CNS), and this runs along the spine and consists of millions of nerve fibers which transmit electrical information to and from the limbs, trunk and organs of the body, back to and from the brain. Problems with our spine will undoubtedly effect the central nervous system, which has a direct effect on our overall functioning, thoughts, mood and emotions. The vertebrae of the spine can only receive nourishment and nutrients through movement. So, in essence, motion heals.

When we become anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, which often occurs as a result of the pressures of life and how we choose to deal with them, our breath becomes short and shallow, our body becomes rigid and tense. This starts an unhealthy cycle of mind negatively effecting the body and vice versa. We need something to break this cycle and this is where a healthy, balanced form of movement can come to the rescue.

Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid, flowing style which links the movement to the breath. This can be extraordinarily healing and calming to the body and mind as the thoughts begin to drop away and we become focused purely on the breath and body moving as one. The more we practice the more efficient we become at dropping into a state of oneness, mind, body and spirit, and develop an ability to let our stressors go more easily. On a deeper level, we begin to realise through this conscious form of movement that we are more than just our thoughts, more than just this body, and we feel a sense of connectedness with all things. Any sense of isolation drops away and our spirit starts to heal, alongside our physical body and mind. This is the true goal of Yoga, to achieve a sense of oneness with all things, and once we touch this space the real healing begins on a cellular level. Of course, to reach this point you need to be fully supported by your teacher to know how to move through the postures safely and efficiently, this will take time, practice and patience but the reward is well worth the effort.

At Breathe Holistic Health we offer specific classes and private sessions to help you to arrive at a place where you can use motion to heal and nourish. Specifically, our Well-Flow program is designed to teach you the tools needed so that you can be aware of how your body works and use this awareness to build a solid base within a Yoga practice, one that you will be able to take with you anywhere you go and use as a means to keep the body, mind and spirit in balance. Once you have this tool to heal you will begin to notice it improving all aspects of your life, from your relationships to your work. In the Yoga world, we call this ‘bringing the practice off the mat’–we’ll be visiting this topic in more detail later down the track in our yoga educational blog series.

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