Remedial Massage

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Remedial Massage & Pregnancy Massage

Everyone benefits from massage, especially for general relaxation or muscle tension caused by exercise or lifestyle activities. Our skilled massage therapist can work independently or in conjunction with our other practitioners who provide targeted treatment instructions for conditions diagnosed by them. Working with your goal for optimal health and contributing to your hopes and dreams, our massage therapist works to guide the body to faster recovery. Helping direct more attention to areas in need and aids in detoxifying the body with modalities including lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, mobilization and ties it all together with warming Swedish techniques.

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage utilises a variety of techniques and modalities to help create balance through soft tissue manipulation. It is a natural approach of treatment that can treat both physical and mental imbalances through muscles, tissues, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. Remedial massage is not only for treating existing injuries, misalignments and mental stresses, but it is also practiced as a prevention and integration to lifestyles. It is non invasive and only works with what the body can already naturally provide by directing, accelerating and encouraging the healing process. Remedial massage is a more specific and targeted treatment in comparison to a regular relaxation massage, consisting of assessment and history analysis, regular progress reassessment, simple take home exercise suggestions and a general quick chat about patients general wellbeing. Each remedial massage treatment is tailored to each individuals goals, preferences and needs.


Pre and Post Natal Speciality Massage

As a specialised practitioner in pregnancy, our Therapist  has a deep love and fascination in the miracle of pregnancy and has created a beautiful ritual to share. She believes that all stages of pregnancy from before, during and after is one of life’s most phenomenal moments and moments like these deserve more appreciation and attention. During the pregnancy terms, she works to help make the journey more comfortable and gives focus and attention to the mother’s body and health but also believes that this attention and dedication  should continue after birth as the body is in recovery and is still part of the pregnancy journey. During the post-natal period is when the mother is healing and creating strong bonds with new life and there are certain practices that have been performed for centuries and our therapist has recreated them to better suit and adapt into our lifestyles today. This commitment to the miracle of creating a new life combined with the professional undertaking of specialist courses in pregnancy anatomy, physiology and massage techniques. Her treatments can be combined with specialised Yoga classes for pre and post natal ladies.

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Name: Massage
Description: Everyone benefits from massage, especially for general relaxation or muscle tension caused by exercise or lifestyle activities.

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