Can you get ahead of the bend: How does Chiropractic play a role in knee rehabilitation?

Ever had a pest of a knee?

Get grief during rehab activity or recovery from trauma?

Is knee pain the problem or is it reduced strength/function?

It’s a bit of the “chicken or the egg” as the saying goes, do you reduce the pain to get strong or get stronger to reduce the pain? Are the problems all in the knee? Can Chiropractic spine care help as well? Is the knee muscle the problem or is it something else?

If you feel your knee is running you around the bend, let’s address these concerns today so you can make better choices for best outcomes regarding knee issues.


Anterior knee pain and muscle inhibition

A common example is for people of all ages to get anterior knee pain, that being pain in the front of the knee joint. This inhibitory stimulus (pressure, pain, restriction) is often associated with loss of strength of muscle in the quadriceps (Quads). This process can occur anywhere in the body and is officially known as Muscle Inhibition (MI). MI is when the subconscious brain changes your nervous system to reduce your ability to contract a muscle. This means that muscle weakness in this case is a brain processing issue (MI) resulting in muscle weakness, wasting and loss of the volume of the muscles.

MI is a natural part of the injury process. It often persists too long into the recovery phase. Is there benefit visiting a Chiropractor to reduce MI? Yes! We need to reduce or eliminate the MI as early as possible to achieve full recovery of the affected knee. Starting rehabilitation exercise while suffering with MI may lead to less strength gains and less building of muscle. Overall the best improvement is to have an integrated approach to rehabilitation, improving spine function by using target exercises and therefore reducing MI.


The spine is the key…

The spine is key to getting a better recovery with exercise. Researchers have confirmed that when the pelvis has an adjustment the quadriceps muscles got stronger, reducing MI immediately…as in that very same day! The nervous system acts fast, immediately affecting the target area, helping you get more out of your exercise and faster results. Research also demonstrates how specific the adjustment needs to be to achieve the best outcome.

Target areas of the spine affect target muscles. The sacroiliac joint on the right side when adjusted affects the right leg, and visa-versa. The whole process is occurring in the spine and nervous system to which Chiropractors are specifically trained to assess and manage. Chiropractors can provide spine management that may benefit you with better motion, strength and recovery allowing for potentially better long-term change.


Ready for change?

When was the last time you had a complete spine and body assessment to check for MI?

Are you tired, frustrated and want positive change?

What we talked about today isn’t limited to the knee, it can happen anywhere within the body. We believe in purposeful specific care looking at the whole and using a team approach to meet your needs.

If you want to learn more about how chiropractic can help you get relief from knee pain issues, come in for a chat, book an appointment online or call 0756795593.  

Dr Daniel Tilley

Dr Daniel Tilley


Dr Dan is a highly trained Chiropractor dedicated to delivering effective and evidence-based Chiropractic treatments to achieve the best possible health outcome for his patients. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with various approaches including one of the world’s leading treatments in spinal rehabilitation and postural correction, Chiropractic Bio-Physics (CBP®). Dr Dan has extensive experience in rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning to provide exercises as part a comprehensive care plan.