In this fast paced modern society we find ourselves constantly bombarded with days and weeks filled with rushing around, heading from one appointment to the next, trying to meet deadlines, grocery store shopping, checking emails, trying to maintain a social life, piles of laundry to do, responding to the array of social media dings that don’t seem to ease off even at night… Am I sure this sounds familiar? The reality is that this is the ‘norm’ and as a result, we desperately need some Zen in our lives to avoid ‘burn out’. We crave relaxation, space to simply be still away from outside distractions, a moment to withdraw from the external to the internal. Sounds pretty wonderful right? Well, I’m here to be the messenger of good news because I have found an answer to our hectic lives. It’s this glorious form of yoga called ‘Yin’.

What is Yin Yoga?

This Daoist yoga is not new. In fact, it has been practiced in China and Taiwan for centuries. Originally Kung Fu practitioners were taught this Yoga by Taoist priests about 2000 years ago. It was not until the 1970s that Yin Yoga as we recognize it today was discovered by Paulie Zink, a martial arts expert and Taoist yoga teacher. Now, this form of yoga is popular as teachers such as Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Bernie Clark share their passion and knowledge for the style, keeping the need for Yin alive and us wanting more and more! When we look at what Yin means terms such as passive, unmoving, cold, and stable come to mind. Yang, however, is more associated with moving, stronger, hot and changing. I’m sure Yang resonates more with your current lifestyle which is not a bad thing as we must accept that we need Yang in our lives in order for Yin to even exist. Just like darkness cannot exist without light, Yin cannot exist without yang. They exist purely to complement each other, it’s a divine relationship.

How does Yin Yoga work?

It works on the lower part of your body which is rich in connective tissues, tendons, and fascia which tend to be rather stiff. In order to access the connective tissues in the body, we need to approach these areas slowly so we gently stretch the tissue. To do this, Yin Yoga focuses on holding postures for a longer duration of time (5 minutes or longer). Because of this, the tissues have time to grow a little longer and stronger. Whenever we add stress to a tissue in the correct way the body’s response is to strengthen it. Before you worry…yes this is safe. In these classes, the teacher will carefully guide you and provide you with props if required. Holding the postures becomes a form of meditation, you enter into this state of softness. The muscles relax around your connective tissues allowing for the best stretch of your life. There is a limited number of specific Yin poses with particular names. These poses are also designed to improve the subtle energy or ‘qi’ as said in Chinese medicine to run through the pathways in your body also known as ‘meridians’. If you have ‘qi’ flowing through your body as it should it is believed that your organ health, emotional well-being, and immunity will improve.
“Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river” – Tao Te Ching
At Breathe Holistic Health, we look forward to guiding you in Yin Yoga classes. You can expect to bliss out, find stillness and learn to move slowly, mindfully and gently into poses whilst adjusting the amount of intensity and stretch needed for each pose. The more you attend the more you benefit. You’ll notice the improvement in your flexibility, circulation, a balance between mind and body, reduction in stress and anxiety, deeper relaxation, joint mobility improvement, improved flow of ‘qi’ to your organs and fascial release. Yin is something to be experienced and once you start you’ll realize how you can incorporate what you learn on the mat off that mat as well. You’ll be able to take a little bit of Yin everywhere you go, and who could complain about that? All yoga classes are booked and paid for in advance to ensure you do not miss out. BOOK ONLINE via our website or CALL (07) 5679 5593 to secure your spot!