Why choose Breathe Holistic Health?

Our team of professionals are highly qualified, uniquely trained and well-experienced, and are committed to providing the best possible holistic health and wellness care services for a range of health conditions. We are dedicated to helping empower you to make more meaningful and healthier choices that help you to live the life you want.

Who may benefit from the services we provide?



People from diverse backgrounds that may be experiencing:

  • Persistent feelings of sadness or depression
  • Frequent feelings of stress or anxiousness
  • Frequent headaches or migraines
  • Chronic or persistent pain
  • Relationship difficulties, or would like to improve their relationship with others
  • Lack self-confidence or assertiveness
  • Thoughts of self-harm or feeling suicidal
  • Difficulties balancing work and family commitments
  • Difficulties making an important decision
  • Feeling worried about the health or well-being of someone close to you
What is a Psychologist?

Psychologists are experts in human behaviour, having studied the brain, memory, learning, human development and the processes determining how people think, feel, behave and react. Psychologists apply their expertise using reliable and scientifically supported methods. Psychological treatments are widely used to assist individuals and families and can also help groups and organisations. To read more see the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website at https://www.psychology.org.au/public/what-is-psychology/

What qualifications do Psychologists hold?

Psychology is a regulated profession in Australia. This means that people who call themselves a psychologist or say they are practising as a psychologist must be registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and must adhere to certain standards to keep their registration. The PsyBA website includes a register of psychologists, so that you may check whether a person is registered. Psychologists must provide professional services according to a strict code of ethics, written by the APS. To become a psychologist a minimum of six years of university training and supervised experience is now required, as well as ongoing education to keep skills and knowledge up to date. To read more see the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website at https://www.psychology.org.au/public/what-is-psychology/

What should I expect when I visit Breathe Holistic Health?

Upon your first visit to Breathe Holistic Health, we’ll ask you to fill out some administrative forms in order to record your data properly. We’ll also ask you to complete some assessment forms to establish a starting point from which our practitioners can work. During your first appointment we will endeavour to understand your personal circumstances, difficulties and challenges prior to working out your unique care plan. We do this in a safe, relaxed and confidential environment.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to see a psychologist.  However, in order to access Medicare Rebates a General Practitioner (GP) or Psychiatrist referral is required.

How long does it take?

This varies but normally a Psychological session lasts for about an hour and clients attend between 6 to 10 sessions.  Simple issues may take less time, more complex issues will necessarily require more time.

Consultation fees

The fees that psychologists charge vary, and depend on the type of service being offered and the setting in which they work.
Please refer to our Psychology page for information about prices shown in the chart on the bottom of the page. 

Medicare rebates

Medicare benefits are available for a range of specified psychological services for people with certain conditions. To be eligible to receive a rebate for psychological services under Medicare, a person must be referred by his or her General Practitioner (GP) or in some instances by a psychiatrist. A ‘Mental Health Care Plan’ will be completed by your doctor, and you will be able to obtain a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. You may be eligible to receive a rebate of up to $86.15 for a standard (individual face-to-face) psychological session.

Health insurance rebates

Private health insurers may also rebate part of the cost of psychological consultations. Contact your health insurance provider for further information.