Nerve Pain Relief Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Sharp Pain or Pinched Nerve

Often we can experience a pinch or sharp pain in the neck or spine that can feel like an ‘electric shock’ or associated with constant and persistent pain referral, spamming of muscles. The culprit of the this fast sharp pain can be many a wide range of tissues in the spine that have been injured or inflamed, nerve irritation, inflamed spinal joints,pulled or inflamed muscles to name a few. It is important to be thoroughly assessed by a chiropractor if you have been told or you think you may have a pinched nerve, as there are many causes.


Most of the time the term ‘pinched nerve’ is describing a sharp pain associated with locking of spazzing of the muscles. There are instances where a nerve is genuinely pinched such as cervical disc profusion and thoracic outlet syndrome just to name a couple. In each of these instances the nerve become entrapped by connective tissues, muscles and inflammation.

It is very important that a ‘pinched nerve’ is assessed and treated appropriately as if it is a genuine compressed nerve, the longer the nerve is compromised the higher the chances of long term damage.

The cause will always determine what course of treatment is appropriate and necessary and it can vary from case to case.

Should you be experiencing a sharp spine pain or a pinched nerve sensation our friendly professional Chiropractor (conveniently located in Broadbeach) is here to help you.


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