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Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common condition that affects people of all ages. It is the second biggest spine problem aside from lower back pain. Our sedentary lifestyle, increased hours at the computer and many hours driving has added to the increased incidence of neck pain. Forward head posture with rounded shoulders from phone and computer use is associated with higher risk of neck pain.

People experience neck pain differently and it can range from an acute episode (often when waking up in the morning) to a mild ache or a long term debilitating condition. Understanding the cause of your neck pain is the first step to safe effective management.


Common symptoms associated with neck pain can be pain referral into the shoulder, upper back and muscle tightness around the base of the skull. Due to the complex nerve supply of the upper neck, face and head, in some cases there is also pain referral into the face and head. Tension headaches are often associated with neck pain, and may be described as headaches that are worse at the end of the day, mildly relieved when lying down and often begin at the base of the skull and refer over the top of the head.


Chiropractic treatment of neck pain mostly consists of safe, gentle and specific chiropractic treatments to restore the natural movement of neck joints with the aim of removing any nerve irritation, increase function and achieve muscle balance. We have many techniques to help you get fast, effective relief and our chiropractors will always use the technique that is most appropriate and comfortable for you.

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