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Disc Problems or Sciatica

The term Sciatica is not an accurate diagnosis but rather a medical word used to describe that there is pain in the back of the leg travelling towards the toes. There are over 20 different diagnoses why a person can develop sciatica, including inflamed joints of the spine, inflamed muscles in the hips etc. Most common experience is back pain with sciatica yet there are many cases which one can experience leg pains without back pain.

Chiropractors are skilled in finding which of these reasons are contributing to the “sciatica” presentation. Sometimes there are more than one reason which can complicate things. This can lease to longer suffering with people experiencing Sciatica. Examination of Sciatica cases are extensive to find the one or multiple reasons and this is the first step to relieving suffering.

Many people commonly think that all sciatica is caused by a bulging or prolapsed disc. While chiropractic has been shown to help disc issues, this is not the most common cause of sciatica and your chiropractor is well trained to determine the cause and appropriate plan of treatment.


Sciatica symptoms can vary in intensity and frequency depending on the cause and severity of the problem. Common sciatica symptoms are: numbness or weakness in legs and feet, pins and needles feeling in feet or shooting burning pain down the back of the leg of legs. These symptoms can be torturous and over the counter painkillers often provide very little relief.

Simple movements often aggravate this condition, and can make activities of daily living a real struggle.

How do we treat it?

At Breathe Holistic Health our Broadbeach Chiropractors recommend the first step is to have an initial consult to further understand what is causing the ‘Sciatica’. Being well informed is the key to getting the best management for Sciatica. Chiropractic care may be provided to those we can help and is gentle and safe, often providing relief for sciatica symptoms.

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