Pregnancy is a journey, to say the least. You are faced with meeting social demands and expectations. On top of this, you will also face physiological, mental and lifestyle changes. Perhaps this leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Know that this is OK because there is such a thing as ‘Prenatal Massage’. You will get that pregnancy glow back in no time! But more importantly, you will feel amazing. Even if you are not showing signs of stress the key to wellness for any individual whether pregnant or not is prevention.

How Prenatal Massage Helps

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘that’s great… but I’m still not convinced’, here are the facts as to why Prenatal Massage is a must. Firstly, ask yourself how can stress benefit your pregnancy? Then ask yourself how could a massage help? Why make the life changing journey of pregnancy a stressful one? Whilst not all pregnancies involve stress for the mother and baby, there are cases in which the baby has been affected by it, particularly in the utero environment. Stress is passed on from mother to baby through fatal programming and chemical exchanges in the placenta, she then creates fewer enzymes which assist in breaking down the hormone ‘cortisol’. If this particular hormone is not broken down it can affect the development of the baby’s brain. It’s important to know that this is not irreversible. Pregnancy massage is a natural solution that will positively and safely assist the expecting mother to reduce or prevent stress. This is because of tissue manipulation and sensory glands. Pregnancy massage also helps the body to communicate to the brain what needs to be regulated and re balanced to its neutral and optimal state. The heat produced during a massage can activate both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, this helps to correct and restore the body whilst triggering the proprioceptors located in deep in soft tissues. These proprioceptors are responsible for communicating to the brain about regulating and reducing muscle tension and high blood pressure. Local stimulation also encourages the already existing functions within the human body to work faster, better and more effectively by bringing the area to attend. For example, blood vessels in the local area of stimulation can encourage flow, efficiency, and oxygenation, therefore, filtering waste and toxins which then results to you being in less pain. You can’t go wrong! If you thought it couldn’t get any better… it does. Pregnancy massage also encourages the secretion of beta-endorphins, serotonin, neurotransmitters – this helpful bunch travel the central nervous system and are responsible for the production of those feel good chemicals. Prevent or take control of your stress now by booking yourself a Prenatal Massage here at Breathe Holistic Health.