Arissa Brunelli

MCounsPsych . PGDipPsych . BSocSciPsychArissa is our founder and ‘binding glue’ of Breathe Holistic Health.  Arissa is a registered Psychologist and accredited Yoga Teacher who is passionate about empowering individuals to take charge of their health and well-being, and take meaningful action that changes their lives for the better. Arissa has a special interest and experience providing effective treatment for people with recurrent headaches and migraines, and a range of other mental and chronic health conditions.  Arissa is dedicated to integrating psychological focused strateiges with yoga as part of a comprehensive care plan to achieve the best possible health outcomes. Arissa’s recent achievements include working as the research clinician and project manager of The Enhance Project, a National Health and Medical Research Council funded clinical trial, focused on delivering the latest treatment for headaches.  Arissa has worked with some of the world’s leading headache experts and researchers, including clinical psychologist Professor Paul Martin (recently awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his contribution to the field of Psychological Sciences), and Professor Peter Goadsby (an internationally renowned neurologist in the field of headache and migraine). Arissa is very proud to be part of the supportive and friendly team at Breathe Holistic Health whose mission is to deeply improve people’s quality of life.  She is also very proud to say that our proceeds allow us to support a much needed charity health clinic in Vanuatu. She looks forward to sharing more about this journey with you.  Stay connected with our stories and offerings via Facebook and Instagram @breatheholistichealth